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The Committee Secretary of Xiuzhou District of Jiaxing Zhu Haiping and Members of the District Committee Visit Wilkie Technical Textiles (Jiaxing) Limited to Guidance
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    In the morning of 7thJune, 2016, the Committee Secretary of Xiuzhou District of Jiaxing Zhu Haipingand the Secretary of Xiuzhou High-Tech Industrial Development Zone Jin Deguivisit Wilkie Technical Textiles (Jiaxing) Limited to Guidance.

    First, Secretary Zhu visited production dept., knowing Wilkie’s  overall producing condition at the frontlineof production, and detailed understanding of the manufacturing process,production research and development.

    Then at the company’s conference room, Secretary Zhu gave highlypositive response and identification to Wilkie China after General Manager Mr.Jianliang He reported to the leaders. Meanwhile, Secretary Zhu also expressedthat District Government will further increase the supported dynamics to helpenterprises and talents, support them go on to the higher level on theinnovation path.

    Secretary Zhu has highhope for Wilkie China when the company move to the new location in the secondhalf of the year continued to develop as the Wiklie China is where the first “LeadingTalents Scheme” was born.  Secretary Zhuencourages enterprises to actively maximize its strength and influence. Strengthenandexpand,make contributions to Xiuzhou development.

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