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Wilkies becomes the agent of Toyobo for the PPS Procon(R) needling fiber
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1st January  2017


    After Wilkie Technical Textiles (Jiaxing) Limited (Wilkie China) becoming the agent of Dolanit® Homo-acrylic fiber needling fiber made by Dolan company in Germany for Chinese market since 30th August 2013, Wilkie China has become the agent of PPS Procon® needling fiber made by Toyobo Company in Japan for Chinese market since 1st January 2017.


    For the PPS Procon needling fiber business cooperation between Wilkie Group and Toyobo Company is not only for Chinese market. Wilkie China agents Procon® needling fiber in Chinese market, Wilkie America agents Procon® needling fiber in Northern America market, and Wilkie UK agents Procon® needling fiber in European, South African, Indian and other markets. 

Toyobo’s Procon® PPS Needling Fiber Business Contact Information

Attachment1: Wilkie China’s Agent Letter for Dolanit® Homo-acrylic Needling Fiber

Attachment2: Wilkie Group’s Agent Letter for Procon®PPS Needling Fiber

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