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Horse Clothing And Outdoor Leisure Fabrics: Polypropylene (PP) colored fabric,it is a new-style environmental fabric which possess the function of good permeability, antioxidation and anti-UV. Currently the fabric is made mainly with mixed color style. The weft can be woven with four different colors together to enhance the sensory and grade of the fabric. We can provide customized different colors, different pattern according to clients requirement .Our product mainly used in horse clothing, harness fabric, outdoor and recreational articles and sports series. Nylon PU coating fabric, It uses nylon 66 yarn as raw material through a special technology weaving, dyeing and coating. After coating its permeability and moisture transmission rate can achieve 3000 and hydrostatic pressure can reach 3000. Our product can satisfy the requirement of European environmental standards. The biggest width of the nylon finish fabric is 210cm.

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